New Age of Automation

BTTB Ltd provides world class automation services, enabling you to
automate your software to run your business more swiftly and ecconomically.


Robotic Process Automation

Utilising Machine Inteligence to enable swift, reliable and repeatable processes to be automated.

Test Automation

Build relaible, automated test scripts accross all browsers and operating system, All of which  can be maintained by your teams.


Tailored training to fit you and your organsation on how to automate (approaches and technical skills), testing skills and agile delivery.

Agile Delivery

All of our work is delivered with you in mind, hence we use Agile approaches to deliver all of our work.

About Us

BTTB is a specialist organisation that has evolved since 2005 to focus on automation and training.

The two directors are:
Stevan Zivanovic:
Stevan is a highly experince technical specialist. His key skills ae focused on automation, change management, Agile development, business process analysis, testing, process review and process improvement.

Charlotte Zivanovic
Charlie has a long carrier in working with people and organisations to enhance communication. Her key skills are: NLP, coaching, training, facilitation, mentoring, conflict resolution and enhanced communication methodology.


The company for all your software automation needs.

Company Info

Company Number: 8505000

Registered: England and Wales

Address: 9 Riverway, Staines, TW18 2SJ, UK

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